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When we hire a staff member, we’re not just hiring a worker, we’re hiring a role model. That’s why we travel the country recruiting from top colleges and universities. We vet each applicant carefully, with a full background check and face-to-face interviews. We put our team through a rigorous 2-week training to ensure they will provide your son or daughter with the safest, most capable leadership out there. We practice wilderness rescues, orienteering, paddling, climbing, and mountain biking. Most importantly we open the Word together and help our staff prepare thought-provoking, heart-felt Bible studies.

Our staff members will be there for your kids. At MRO, we have at least 1 staff member for every 6 campers at all times. This ensures your child will get the best guidance, whether it be learning complex new skills at activities, or getting thoughtful answers to their questions about God, life, or anything else. When you drop off your child at MRO, don’t expect to meet their counselor. Plan on meeting their caring mentor.

Looking to work at Moose River Outpost?

At MRO, our counselors are the conduit through which we share the gospel message.  As such, we don’t just need good staff, we need the best.  If you love the outdoors, love kids, and love Jesus, MRO may be a good fit.  In addition to counselors we hire excellent workers for our maintenance team and food service team.  If you’re looking to serve in any of these roles, please fill out our online application.

We are looking for young women and men who have maturity to instruct, learn new skills, and manage complex situations.  Those same staff members need to be able to laugh, be creative, and contribute to the environment of joy and fun at MRO.