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Summer Camp Update: August 6th

Posted by on August 7, 2015

We’re so proud of our very accomplished campers! The session is coming to a close this Saturday, but we’re pleased to announce that before then several of our campers will be getting some prestigious MRO awards!

IMG_1078Our WILD 2 campers, on completion of their 2-summer program, will be receiving their carbon-fiber whitewater paddles. By developing their paddling, their knowledge of the Bible, and their leadership skills, they’ve earned the right to be called WILD graduates and to be seen using the white paddle blade of a WILD paddler from now on. WILD 1 is half way there and will receive their paddles next summer.

Meanwhile, other campers are receiving awards as well. We’ve had two campers complete their rock climbing masters award which, among other things, requires that they ascend a route rated 5.10 in the Yosemite Decimal System. This is a route so hard only two or three of our 30 staff members can climb it! Another camper will be receiving his wakesports masters. This means he has mastered both slalom skiing and wakeboarding. His accomplishments include completing the slalom bouy course on the pond and completing a “180 grab” on a wakeboard: Both serious challenges even for an accomplished skier or boarder.

Awards at MRO are hard-won and worth being proud of, regardless of whether it’s a Basic, an Advanced, or a Activity12Masters. Every camper is capable of great things at MRO and we’re proud of how they’ve proven it this summer. For details on our award system, click HERE.

Also, check in on the blog and the MRO Facebook page throughout the rest of the year. We’ll be hard at work editing video footage from this summer showcasing the abilities of our campers and the various elements of the activity areas here at camp. Make sure to follow @Moose_River_Outpost on Instagram as well.

Thanks for a great summer everyone, and let’s stay in touch!

Summer Camp Update: August 4

Posted by on August 4, 2015

This Tuesday is another action packed day at Moose River Outpost. We’re thrilled to have the WILD 2 campers joining main camp this week for their apprenticeship week – the capstone of the Wilderness Intensive Leadership Development Program. They’re shadowing our counselors and learning from them as they lead camp. WILD 1 is busy as well. Yesterday they competed in the annual WILD Olympics with events in everything from swimming, to running and mountain biking.

Tonight is a special night in camp. The boys are out on the athletic field playing European Speedball, our traditional MRO Guy’s Night game. They’re also upholding another time-honored Guy’s night tradition: Eating their steak dinner with their hands! The ladies are out for adventures of their own, and will finish the night off by launching paper lanterns out over the lake. If you’ve never seen this before it’s a beautiful sight and a great time of bonding for the group.

Tomorrow our last daytrips hit the road. They’ll be white-water kayaking and playing disc-golf. If the trips we’ve sent out so far are any indication they’ll come back with big smiles and great stories. Our Acadia trip was a huge success and the campers and staff enjoyed the place so much they tacked on a short hike to the climbing and biking we had expected!

Camp continues to be a daily reminder of the goodness of our God, and the beauty of His creation. We’re thankful for this place, and grateful for the friends we get to share it with.

Summer Camp Update: August 2

Posted by on August 2, 2015

It’s Mud Day here at MRO, and the weather is perfect. It’s the sunny kind of perfect (which, admittedly isn’t the only kind of perfect weather for Mud Day). The hot weather means that not only will the mud feel great, but a swim in the lake to clean off just might be the highlight of the event.


Taking to the air at Slidedown Falls!

When we’re not plunging, knee-deep into gooey, wet earth, Sunday at MRO is actually a very laid-back day. After a brief church service this morning, several of our campers engaged the long-standing camp tradition of a Sunday afternoon wiffle-ball game, while others played Frisbee-golf, and still others took to the water for a paddle on paddle boards or kayaks.

This evening promises to be a relatively quiet one as well. After Bible study tonight, we’ll have Outdoor Movie Night, wherein we’ll show a classic movie on a huge outdoor screen and enjoy popcorn and all the sounds of the outdoors while we watch.

The pace picks up tomorrow though, with our daytrips! This weekend each camper selected a trip for themselves from a list of 5: A waterfall hike to Slidedown falls for swimming and jumping, a whitewater kayak trip, a disc-golf trip, a bass-fishing trip on Long Pond, and a biking and climbing trip in Acadia National Park.

Tomorrow the Acadia trip and the Slidedown Falls trip will leave, followed by the fishing trip on Tuesday and the kayaking and disc-golf trips on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the WILD program has reached the end of their many trips and they’ll be joining us right here in camp for the remainder of the summer. WILD 2 has completed their wilderness first aid training and will now join our counselors in cabins during their apprenticeship. WILD 1 comes off the trail today after 12 days of canoeing and hiking! They’ll return for dinner tonight and we expect them to arrive feeling accomplished, and hungry.

Check in again on Tuesday for more about our trips, about WILD apprenticeship, and the stretch run of our campers’ quest to finish off their awards in activity areas by the end of the session.