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He Loves Us Thiiiiiiiis Much!

Posted by on December 25, 2015

Editor’s note:  This message originally appeared in The Trail in 2014.  It has been updated and posted here as a Christmas Devotional

For God so loved the world… How much is “so”? Perhaps the image of a toddler spreading their arms comes to mind, straining to extend just a little further as they say, “thiiiiis muuuuch!” For me, John 3:16 has taken on new meaning these last two years with the birth of my own son.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son…” “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…”

These verses reach my heart now in a way they didn’t a couple of years ago. As you parents read this, perhaps you nod your head in understanding. For those of you who haven’t experienced parenthood, I know you can at least imagine the bond between parent and baby. God loves us. Nothing could say this more sincerely than the gift of Christ at Christmas and His sacrificial death and resurrection on at Easter.

God’s love for us so far exceeds the ability of language to express it that I won’t attempt to quantify it here other than to say, a son is a gift not lightly given.

In return, we so love God that…

how could we finish that line? That we would give up 10% of our income? That we would put a fish symbol on the minivan? That we would give up our Sunday mornings?

How much do we love God?

Before this guilt trip gets too far down the road, let me remind us all that God’s love is a gift – no strings a attached.

The fun of Christmas (apart from its massive Christian significance) is in the exchange of gifts – the moment that says, “I love you” without the worn out clunkyness of the words themselves.

So with the trauma of Black Friday behind us and perhaps all shopping checked off on our list; let’s not forget to ask, “What are we getting Jesus this year for Christmas?” What do we get the Almighty One who has literally everything?

The same thing He asked for last year, and the 2000 years before that: Our hearts.

This year, let’s commit to learning better what it means to love God and enacting that love in our lives. It won’t be easy. God can be difficult to understand, much less emotionally engage with. But He’s there. He gave us his only son, and he desires our love. Whether it be cracking open our Bibles a little more often, making financial decisions differently, or risking our street cred by letting our faith show in public, let’s take new opportunities this year to love God.

Why? Because He first loved us.

MRO Winter Reunion: New Dates!

Posted by on November 30, 2015

IMG_4497.JPGCamp is closed for the winter, but that’s not going to stop the MRO family from getting together for some fun in the snow! Fortunately, our friends at Brookwoods and Deer Run will be letting us take over their camp this February 12th-14th! Come on out, bring your snow boots, and lets prove that #campiseverywhere.

Spread the word and lets get the MRO family together!  All camper, staff, and WILD alumni are invited!

IMG_4553.JPGEvent Begins on February 12th 6PM and ends on February 14th 2:30 PM

Cost $120 Per Person

Location:  Camp Brookwoods and Deer Run, 34 Camp Brookwoods Road, Alton, NH.

Packing List:  Wool/Fleece hat, gloves/mittens, warm jacket, snow pants, underwear, jeans/pants, sweatshirts/sweater, warm socks, Bible, journal + pen, snow boots sneakers, sleeping bag, towel, toothpaste/toothbrush, personal hygiene items, pajamas, soap/shampoo, flashlight, camera.

Click Here to register!

Remember to Dress Warmly!

Pizza dinner will be provided at camp Brookwoods and Deer Run on Friday. Transportation will be available by camp van from Lexington, MA for a $45 fee.  Pickup is at the Lexington Service Plaza on the north bound side of Rt. 95.  This plaza is accessed from Exit #30. This service plaza has a McDonald’s and a Mobil station.  Pickup will be at 3:30 on Friday the 12th.  Campers will be dropped of at 5:15 PM on Sunday the 14th.

Register Now: Score a Fleece!

Posted by on November 18, 2015

061A3914Register between now and January 1 and you’ll receive this free limited edition Mountain Hardware fleece along with our new bumper stickers. Already signed up? Don’t worry, your gift and stickers are on their way.


Eternal Value: Lower Price.

Posted by on November 17, 2015

If you’ve been following the news from Moose River Outpost in the last year, you know that things at MRO have been changing immensely. As we complete this process, I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the results of those changes to DSC00299you. Under the leadership of our Board of Directors, we’ve made several moves to refocus our energies and resources on summer camp, which we strongly believe to be the heart of our ministry. We’ve changed our entire operational model to focus on the summer season, eliminating heating costs and the massive snow removal duties that come with the Jackman winter season. The result of these and other moves is a shift toward a more focused ministry in which summer camp comes first. More specifically, these changes will now allow us to change our pricing for camp. Starting today, 2 weeks at Moose River Outpost will be priced at $1175.

This major decrease in price is the result of a lot of hard work behind the scenes and a continuing commitment from our Board of Directors to keep summer camp first among our priorities. We have not had to change our summer camp program in any way to accommodate this change. We’ll be serving the same great food, we’ll be using the same quality equipment, and we’ll be hiring the same great staff that we’ve always enjoyed at camp. In fact, keep your eye on the camp blog this winter for announcements about exciting new programs coming to camp this year. As always, we’re hard at work already on making this coming summer great.

Of course, the best things at MRO are, and always have been, free. God’s IMG_2361world is singing His praises around us, and at camp we’re just joining the song. There’s no price tag on the friendships we make at camp and the way we as friends can encourage each other to be God’s men and women. This is His place, and God continues to show his blessings to Moose River Outpost.

We’re so glad to make camp more affordable for you and your family. Please join with us in spreading the word about MRO’s extraordinary program. We hope that the changes we’ve made in the last year will make it easier for you to tell your friends about the amazing things happening in our little corner of Maine. In the end, we’re working to make sure more children can enjoy the benefits of an MRO adventure. Thanks for being a part of the MRO family, and thanks for believing in what God is doing at camp.

Summer Camp Update: August 6th

Posted by on August 7, 2015

We’re so proud of our very accomplished campers! The session is coming to a close this Saturday, but we’re pleased to announce that before then several of our campers will be getting some prestigious MRO awards!

IMG_1078Our WILD 2 campers, on completion of their 2-summer program, will be receiving their carbon-fiber whitewater paddles. By developing their paddling, their knowledge of the Bible, and their leadership skills, they’ve earned the right to be called WILD graduates and to be seen using the white paddle blade of a WILD paddler from now on. WILD 1 is half way there and will receive their paddles next summer.

Meanwhile, other campers are receiving awards as well. We’ve had two campers complete their rock climbing masters award which, among other things, requires that they ascend a route rated 5.10 in the Yosemite Decimal System. This is a route so hard only two or three of our 30 staff members can climb it! Another camper will be receiving his wakesports masters. This means he has mastered both slalom skiing and wakeboarding. His accomplishments include completing the slalom bouy course on the pond and completing a “180 grab” on a wakeboard: Both serious challenges even for an accomplished skier or boarder.

Awards at MRO are hard-won and worth being proud of, regardless of whether it’s a Basic, an Advanced, or a Activity12Masters. Every camper is capable of great things at MRO and we’re proud of how they’ve proven it this summer. For details on our award system, click HERE.

Also, check in on the blog and the MRO Facebook page throughout the rest of the year. We’ll be hard at work editing video footage from this summer showcasing the abilities of our campers and the various elements of the activity areas here at camp. Make sure to follow @Moose_River_Outpost on Instagram as well.

Thanks for a great summer everyone, and let’s stay in touch!