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Why Moose River Outpost

The reason parents choose Moose River Outpost is that their kids change here. Campers at MRO often come for the fun activities or because they have a friend who is already registered. We tell them on the very first night that our hope for their time with us is that they take the next step in their spiritual journey here. If that is to find out who Jesus is and that he died for us, we want that to happen here. If they already have a faith in Jesus maybe they decide to read their Bible on a regular basis. We don’t do altar calls, we live authentic lives as Christians together invested in the “long game” of the Christian life. Our campers’ parents tell us that their kids come home from camp better people, more helpful, more invested in their faith, and better students.

One important thing to recognize is that MRO is remote, but that distance is one of the best things about the camp. How many places are left in the United States where you can look up at the night sky and see planets, shooting stars, and even the haze of the Milky Way overhead? Where else can a counselor lead his campers out the door of their cabin and directly onto a hike up a 3600-foot mountain? How many camps stare across their lake and see nothing. No homes. No boats. Just uninterrupted shoreline and perhaps a passing loon. For that matter, what other camp can truly call their lake, their lake. 187 acres of glassy stillness in the morning, and 187 acres of skiing, sailing, paddling, and swimming until the sun dips low each evening.

When you stand at the shore of MRO’s lake you know you have separated from your normal life. Being that separated from your norms creates a new feeling of home. The property is special for so many people because it feels like home away from home. A home where cell phones don’t really work, so we don’t carry them. A home where we don’t have cable or internet at our fingertips. A home where connecting with people is intentional and face-to-face.  A home where it’s easy to connect with God. We purposefully remove ourselves from the norms to help us take that next step in our spiritual journey. We have quiet time every day, we have chapel and cabin devotions, we take time to debrief our days together and we find that we grow. The remoteness of our camp isn’t the secret ingredient that makes this all happen, but it helps.

The “secret ingredient” at Moose River Outpost is the staff. We hire the best Christian young people we can to put in cabins with your kids. We train them to take care of and look after your kids. We invest in them and their spiritual development so they can, in turn, invest in your kids. The MRO staff are eager to meet your son or daughter and seek Christ, build community, and embrace adventure with them. Your son or daughter might just find a new home away from home in the middle of nowhere in Maine this summer!