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Evening Program


Each night after dinner, at MRO, things get a little crazy. The entire camp comes together for huge games, hilarious skits, and challenges our campers will never forget. Here are some of our favorites:

Trench Dodgeball

It’s an all-time camp classic. It’s dodgeball, with a William Wallace-inspired twist, where no matter your skill or size all are equal. We play not for victory or fame… but for FREEDOM!

Mud Day

This one’s so big, we set aside an entire afternoon for it. A fire hose and a few hundred feet of tarp become a slip-and-slide, and our camp mud pit is the site of enough games to require a mandatory all-camp dip in the lake as a finale. Don’t wear your Sunday best for this one.

MRO Soccer

It’s like soccer… only not at all. Played on a soccer field we use a combination of soccer balls and 6-foot-in-diameter earth balls and score points in the opposing team’s goal.

MRO Olympics

Each cabin chooses champions to represent them in various camp skill areas – rock climbing, mountain biking, basketball, and more. The entire event culminates in a huge canoe race, complete with screaming fans along the shore.