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Bible Study

Counselors at Moose River Outpost, are instructors, mentors, coaches, friends, and confidants. When it comes to spiritual matters however, perhaps they could be best described as tour guides. Counselors show off the pristine Maine woods, which can’t help but attest to God’s power, majesty, creativity, and love. In our short, daily “Quiet Time” counselors show campers how the Bible works – not only how to read it, but how it can be relevant as a lifetime guide and a centerpiece of our relationship with God. Finally, our team of counselors lead our campers in discussions about God’s word, first by hearing briefly from our Camp Director or another speaker, and then by asking questions together in small groups to tease out the meaning and relevance of the passage.

At MRO the Bible isn’t treated as a textbook, nor is it treated as a sacred relic, but instead as our best way of understanding God, His plan for us, and the perfect love that motivates that plan. Our counselors guide our campers in exploring this book at camp. You’ll very rarely hear the word “preach” at MRO because we feel the Bible is better lived than lectured.

Psalm 19:1 – “The heavens declare the glory of God.  The skies proclaim the work of his hands.”