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Our various outdoor activities make up the core of how we spend our time here at camp. Every morning at breakfast our campers can choose 3 activities for themselves for that day.

For each activity, our campers can earn one of the following ratings, each of which comes with special camp privileges:


Proficiency in the activity – this rating is not simple to earn and for most activities takes about 5-10 activity periods.


To earn this, campers must show true skill in their activity, and show a readiness to apply those skills outside of camp. It typically takes 10-15 activity periods. Those who have earned an Advanced in kayaking, mountain biking, or rock climbing can earn the opportunity to go on special trips only available to those with established skills.


A Masters award at Moose River Outpost is a big deal. It represents multiple sessions of applied effort. We typically award 5 Masters ratings per summer, in all of our categories combined. This award is reason for standing ovations, and serious congratulations.

Activities at MRO

  • Kayaking – Beginning with flat water, then learning to roll, and proceeding to some basic whitewater at the Masters level.

  • Rock Climbing – Not just scrambling up the wall, but knots, belaying, safety settings, and of course technical route climbing.

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding – MRO’s newest activity!

  • Canoeing – Maine’s lakes and rivers are one of our greatest resources. These awards can be earned even while on trips!

  • Archery – One of our most popular areas. Go beyond just shooting and learn arrow repair, and even how to instruct others.

  • Skeet Shooting – Handling a shotgun and “pointing” accurately is not as easy as it looks, but bursting those target clays is an exhilarating feeling.

  • Mountain Biking – With 7000 acres, MRO’s trail system improves every year. Come lay down some miles!

  • Wakeboarding/Waterskiing – It speaks for itself. Fun to learn. Hard to master.

  • Crafts – Build baskets, leather wallets and belts, or something else you can keep and remember your time at camp forever.

  • Sailing – Learn the basics of rigging your boat, working with the wind and tacking back to the docks.

  • Survival – Live off the land, and learn how to make the forest your home.

  • Paintball – Teambuilding. Strategy. Victory.

  • Video – Capture your camp story in video form and take it home with you to share.

  • Fishing – Learn what it means to be a Mainer out on Heald Pond and sign up for special day trips with your new skills. You may even get a special dinner this way!