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Is my son or daughter safe out there in the woods?

The answer is, emphatically, YES. Safety is our first priority in everything we do. We hire qualified staff, put them through rigorous training including multiple safety certifications and emergency scenarios. We’ll admit that kayaking, rock climbing, and paintball aren’t as safe as reading a book, but at MRO they would compare favorably with the risk campers take when they play soccer, tennis, or other common sports. The best way to understand whether or not camp will be safe for your child is to call us and ask. Call 603-875-3600 and ask for Seth. He’d love to answer your questions.

How much is Christianity involved in camp?

We’re a Christian camp, so it’s right at the center of our identity. Our counselors are Christians, and we encourage campers to develop Christian values and disciplines. That said, you should not expect any kind of “big tent revival” camp experience. MRO is about mentoring, not preaching or meetings. Any time we talk about faith it’s in a low-pressure setting.


If my child isn’t an athlete, can he still enjoy camp?

Absolutely. You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to enjoy Moose River Outpost. With our wide variety of activities, our counselors take it as their responsibility to help your son or daughter find something they’re good at. Not everyone is a climber or a mountain biker. Some excel at archery, some at crafts, and yes… a few of our campers can run a 6-minute mile. But that’s what makes camp great. Whatever their gifts, your child will be able to come home proud of something they accomplished at camp.

Are there bathrooms in the cabins?

Yes….and showers. The bathrooms are private with solid doors and each shower has its own individual space with a changing area.

How far is MRO from the nearest Hospital or Medical Center?

MRO is approximately 20 minutes from the Jackman Health Center.  They are capable of handling most medical needs.  For more severe medical incidents, patients could be transported to Waterville, Maine; Greenville, Maine, or Bangor, ME.

Is it alright if I tell my son or daughter that I’ll visit them regularly?

Please don’t plan on visiting your son or daughter during a camp session.  Part of the camp experience is for campers to be independent and to have an experience that is truly their own.  Visits from parents can disturb this experience.  Also, Moose River Outpost is designed in every way for us to give our whole attention to your kids.  With that in mind, we and our facilities just aren’t set up to accommodate 100 sets of parents on site each day in addition to our campers.  For campers staying for 4 weeks, we do allow parents to visit on the middle Sunday of their stay.  See camper handbook for details.

What is the camper-to-staff ratio?

The 96 campers on grounds are managed and served by a staff of 45, for a ratio of better than 3:1. In cabins we have up to 12 campers and always have 2 counselors, so never less that 6:1 in the cabin.

When do campers pick activities?

At MRO, campers pick activities every morning!  If Archery and Kayaking, weren’t their favorite on Monday, Tuesday brings a clean slate and a chance to try out Stand-up Paddleboarding, Skeet Shooting, or some other activity instead.

Are there activity age limitations?

No.  At this point every activity at Moose River Outpost is available to every camper.  Any restriction would be based on ability.  For example, a camper must pass a swim test before being allowed to go out in a boat.  Likewise, campers must show and develop certain skills before being able to go on advanced level trips in activities like whitewater kayaking and rock climbing.

If my son or daughter has a driver’s license, may they drive their own car to camp?

Because of both parking limitations and safety we ask that student drivers not be allowed to bring a vehicle to camp.

Does Moose River Outpost have any policies regarding animals and pets?

Of course pets are not allowed to come to camp with their owners, but we do allow service animals on property during incoming and outgoing days.  Otherwise we ask that you keep your pets at home.