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Christian Heritage

Seeking Christ. Building Community. Embracing Adventure.

Since our property was first donated back in 1999 by Ken Olsen, CEO of Digital Equipmentand long-time follower of Christ, Moose River Outpost Summer Camp has existed as a place for people to meet God, while surrounded by His un-messed-with creation.

ken at heald pond

Ken Olsen looks down on MRO from Boundary Bald Mountain

That will never change.

We’re proud of the Christian leadership development that happens each summer among our staff and campers.

We’re proud of the view from our dining hall porch – mountains, trees, and a lake to reflect them, all of which seem to recall Isaiah 55:12. “You will go out with joy and be led forth with peace. The mountains and hills will break into songs of joy in your presence, and all the trees will clap their hands.”

We’re proud of staff members who choose to make Christ-like choices, one day at a time.

We’re proud of God’s work here, and we invite you to be a part of it, either by contributing as a staff member or donor, or by being the most important participant of all – a camper experiencing God at camp.

A Word From The Director

Director Seth Coates with his wife Cathy, and their kids, Mayne, Brayden, and Saydie.

Perhaps you have noticed that recently the words “Seeking Christ. Building Community. Embracing Adventure.” appear on alot of Moose River Outpost’s various printed materials. This is to remind everyone in the MRO family what we are about. We are here to serve Christ and to build stronger relationships with Him. We exist to help campers and guests grow through mentoring relationships. But why, you might ask, is adventure so important? Are we just merchants of adrenaline in a theme park full of trees and trails instead of sidewalks and plastic rides?

The truth is that adventure is the gear that spins every other aspect of our ministry into action. Not only is it pure, unadulterated fun each time a group of campers splashes down the rapids together in a raft, but it is also an experience that serves our other two goals. Campers that have no prior connections can immediately feel bonded by their shared adventure experiences. Anyone who has ever paddled the Chibougamou River as an LDP or kayaked the Maine coast with WILD knows this well. Perfect strangers become friends for life in a matter of days at camp. These strong bonds allow campers to take their conversations deeper, one campfire at a time.

Before you know it, adventure has turned into Christ-centered relationship.

Adventure feeds our camp goals in other ways as well. There are inherent challenges in the adventure experiences at Moose River Outpost that help build the life skills of our campers. Team work, self-confidence, and responsibility come naturally on the trail or in the demanding setting of an outdoor adventure. In the midst of cooking a meal together on the trail, campers learn to work cooperatively on a project. While climbing the cliffs at Mount Kineo, campers learn to trust their belayer and often find that they are capable of more than they ever imagined.

Why is adventure at the center of everything we do at MRO? It is not because we are a place for extraordinary athletes or wilderness survivalists. It is because we are a place for regular teens and adults to grow, to learn, and to press against the outer boundaries of their own potential. Moose River Outpost features programs that build Godly men and women. These programs center on adventure – not simply for the thrill of it, but for the immense life value. But let’s be honest: Everyone could do for a thrill now and then too.