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Why Moose River Outpost

Enter “Moose River Outpost” as a search term in Google Maps. When you do, you won’t see much on the page. In fact, the only feature you may notice at first is the Canadian border. MRO is out there. Some would say it’s intimidating to think about sending a son or a daughter so far into the Maine wilderness.

What’s important to recognize is that MRO is remote, but that distance is one of the best things about the camp. How many places are left in the United States where you can look up at the night sky and see planets, shooting stars, and even the haze of the Milky Way overhead? Where else can a counselor lead his campers out the door of their cabin and directly onto a hike up a 3600 foot mountain? How many camps stare across their lake and see nothing. No homes. No boats. Just uninterrupted shoreline and perhaps a passing loon. For that matter, what other camp can truly call their lake, their lake. 187 acres of glassy stillness in the morning, and 187 acres of skiing, sailing, paddling, and swimming until the sun dips low each evening.

That’s MRO. That’s why it’s special, and that’s why campers drive past 100 other camps to get here each summer. Moose River Outpost is your child’s chance to experience something as life-affirming and elemental as the creation story itself. This is God’s world: Wild and beautiful. We invite you to explore it with us.